Situated in Reykjavík’s oldest zip code, 101 Hotel marks Iceland’s first foray into the realm of luxury designer hotels. While its exterior façade conveys a history reflective of the city, this Design Hotels member opens its doors to reveal a surprising use of sleek modern lines, unique local art, and metropolitan monochrome—the definition of an unforgettable Euro chic retreat in the heart of one of the world’s coolest cities.

Property Details

Defined by its understated style and cool sophistication, 101 Hotel is a feat of fashionable foresight by owner and designer Ingibjörg S. Pálmadóttir. Outfitted in elegant contrasts of black and white, each of the 38 rooms and suites bring a dash of the eccentric with their rough wood accents and punctuating works of contemporary art. Despite their unapologetic modern design, the rooms boast every luxury, from premium Quagliotti sheets and complimentary Internet access, to under-floor bathroom heating and Aveda bath amenities. While all of the accommodations are exquisite, the balcony rooms and suites benefit from in-room claw foot bathtubs and large balcony views over the fishing boats and mountains of the Reykjavík harbor.

Continuing proof of the hotel’s vogue status, the futuristic 101 Restaurant downstairs serves up modern Icelandic and international delicacies amid dramatic spaceship-like textures and the trendsetting crowd. While the extensive breakfast buffet is a standalone highlight, be sure to come back for some of the unique post-dinner desserts, such as brownies served with licorice ice cream and caramel sauce. Later on, meander through the impressive art collection housed in the 101 Gallery and relax fireside at the glossy bar and lounge, the social heart of the hotel. Whether sitting astride an antique pommel horse or reclining in a huge leather sofa, this space feels like an art collector friend’s living room, where Icelandic art, design, and fashion books are stacked on long Chinese tables between candles and fresh flowers.

One of the highlights of 101 Hotel—apart from its impeccable design—is its central location within downtown Reykjavík. So while the city continues to expand in cool, new directions, 101 Hotel remains at its core, within walking distance to all of its nightlife, landmarks, and geothermal amenities. It is also a spectacular base for day trips to Iceland’s unspoiled and mystical natural landscape, where geysers, volcanoes, waterfalls, mountains, lava fields, glaciers, and lakes all beg to be explored. There is a rare feeling of utter tranquility amid Iceland’s beauty, a feeling that endures even upon return to 101 Hotel, where the mini spa and geothermal Jacuzzi await after a magical day of exploration.

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