In a new and innovative melding of excursion and luxury, Uma by Como takes full advantage of its location to take the idea of a home base to new heights. Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Mo Chu River in Bhutan, the Uma by COMO in Punakha, Bhutan is an award-winning base for explorers and adventurers discovering this remote region of the Himalayan kingdom. As guests return from excursions or stop in on journeys, the Uma Hotel welcomes them with style, comfort, and simplicity.

Property Details

The Uma by COMO is a relaxing respite for all travelers, hidden deep in the verdant green hills and towering forests of the Himalayas. Each room and villa at the Uma features amenities perfect for couples or families and provides spacious bedrooms and living spaces for relaxation and luxury. Each room has an inspiring view, since the Uma blends in as part of the landscape. While reclining on airy king size beds, guests may take in views of the winding Mo Chu River and rice fields and orchards dotting the countryside beyond.

In the hotel’s gourmet restaurant, Bukhari, experience the tastes of Bhutan with dishes prepared with fresh produce and local farmer’s products. The Punakha valley is known for its fertile abundance, offering some of the best variety and freshness anywhere in the country. For breakfast and lunch, the restaurant offers international comfort food, and at dinner the menu boasts an array of Bhutanese delicacies and innovative recipes by chef Dewa Wijaya. The hotel also offers private in-room dining and room service to accommodate any dining setting for guests.

In line with the COMO hotels philosophy, the Uma emphasizes well-being and spa treatments which are perfectly paired with views of the tranquil valley. The facility takes advantage of nature’s quiet ambiance and Bhutanese traditional technique to harness the elements into a sensory journey for those looking to totally rejuvenate.

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