Western Bhutan is a breathtaking land full of mountains and valleys. In a region known for its stunning scenery, expect to find inspiration among rice paddies cascading down magnificent mountains, pristine rivers flowing through the main towns of Paro, Thimphu and Punakha, and unique two-story houses with brightly painted window designs.

Thimphu is the name of Bhutan’s capital as well as its surrounding region, and with a population of around 100,000 people, it is also Bhutan’s largest city. The city’s main thoroughfare is lined with shops, restaurants, and public buildings, and the rest of the city comprises apartments, small home, and family-owned stores. City regulations require that all buildings be in a traditional style featuring Buddhist motifs, lending a unique air to the city that attracts travelers of all kinds.

The surrounding valley has been the site of small settlements for centuries, but the area only began to truly develop after it was named the new capital in the early 1960’s. The city is home to numerous cultural attractions, including monasteries, museums, government buildings, botanical gardens, and traditional art centers as well as bustling weekend markets.

Paro is a town in the Paro Valley of western Bhutan. Just outside of the town, visitors can find the famous Tiger’s Nest hermitage, built on a sheer cliff face. The hermitage is highly sacred in Bhutanese culture because it is believed that the father of Bhutanese Buddhism arrived here on the back of a tigress. Also in the valley are the ruins of another large fortress-monastery that was partially destroyed by fire in the early 1950’s.

Paro is the home of Bhutan’s international airport, and the area features a number of fascinating architectural relics including a fifteenth century temple and the Ugyen Perli Palace.

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