El Questro Homestead is pocket of five-star comfort in Western Australia’s untamed and unexplored Kimberley outback, one of the island’s last true frontiers. Balanced cliff-top above the Chamberlain River, this nine-room boutique lodge embraces an “adventure at every turn” philosophy, introducing guests to the diverse one million acre El Questro Wilderness Park with the ultimate personalization and panache.

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El Questro Homestead is a luxe riverside retreat standing in dramatic contrast to its one million acre home of salt plains, ragged gorges, thermal springs, and orange-hued cliffs. A member of the Luxury Lodges of Australia collection, El Questro Homestead offers just nine exquisite suites catering to a maximum of 18 intrepid travelers at a time. Despite its remote Australian wilderness setting, El Questro immediately transports guests to their own private haven of luxury, whether it be a freestanding Cliff Side Retreat, a modern Homestead Garden Room, or a honeymoon-perfect Chamberlain Gorge Room and Chamberlain Suite, which hang cantilevered over the great Chamberlain Gorge and its resident crocodiles below. Wraparound terraces, al fresco bathtubs for two, uninterrupted panoramic views, and rustic authentic Australian furnishings are just a few of the many luxuries that define any stay at El Questro Homestead.

Relaxation at El Questro Homestead takes its cue from the surrounding environment. Guests can soak away their cares in the thermal Zebedee Springs, curl up under an ancient boab tree with a book, or simply join the local wallaby population and lounge in the shade. Even dining is done under the stars, either at the large communal table by the swimming pool on the verandah, at a gourmet picnic under the spray of a nearby waterfall, or at one of the three private tables by the gorge edge. Each setting provides a memorable backdrop for the Kimberley-influenced cuisine on offer: an ever-evolving modern Australian menu of barramundi and boab root salsa that is almost as dramatic and diverse as the scenery.

Although defined by its unbridled comfort in the wild, El Questro Homestead is a place rooted in adventure. An assortment of Ranger-led excursions and personalized outings allow guests to completely immerse themselves in the historical and ecological wonders of El Questro Wilderness Park, a one million acre playground of rugged sandstone ranges, broad tidal flats, rainforest pockets, and permanent waterfalls. Horse trekking over unexplored terrain, Barramundi heli-fishing in remote streams, 4WD excursions to World Heritage Sites, cruises through the Chamberlain Gorge, and guided hikes in search of saltwater crocodiles and the once near-extinct Gouldian Finch—one could spend an entire year at El Questro and still not come close to experiencing everything this corner of the world has to offer. For this reason, the best way to absorb the vastness and diversity of El Questro is from the air on a scenic helicopter flight, exploring the otherwise inaccessible crannies, cliffs, and caves of this uninhabited land. No matter the adventure, El Questro Homestead promises a true Outback safari experience, coupled with only the highest standards of service, cuisine, and comfort.

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