Australia’s southwestern regions are a far cry from the vast bushlands of the Outback. The population is sparse and the biodiversity is noteworthy, with eucalyptus woodlands sprouting from fertile soils and a temperate climate most often compared to the Mediterranean. Agriculture flourishes here, especially in the Wheatbelt, appropriately named as it is home to the majority of Australia’s wheat production as well as wool, produce, and cut flowers.

Perth is the most populous city in Western Australia, but being isolated from more bustling hubs on the east coast gives visitors a further sense of the country’s renowned laid-back attitude. It is not uncommon for visitors – and locals – to spend entire days swimming and sunning on the picturesque beaches that are lapped by the waves of the Indian Ocean. Off Perth’s coast, Rottnest Island plays host to a variety of wildlife including dolphins, whales, and the small marsupial quokka. The Swan River runs through the city and a plethora of parks and green spaces make it easy to enjoy a stroll at the river’s edge. Culinary offerings abound away from the coast, with the Swan Valley boasting a collection of wineries, distilleries, and breweries to delight any connoisseur.