At the bottom of the land down under you will find two states with interesting cities and an ample supply of natural wonders. Uncover the wonders of Southern Australia when you explore South Australia and Victoria with Ker & Downey.  These two areas combined make this a region of contradictions, with bustling cities and an endless array of wilderness to be discovered.

Escape to Kangaroo Island and unwind on quiet beaches where sea lions relax. Cute furry koalas lounge in the eucalyptus trees. Sand dunes sit below soaring cliffs and bushland meets blue lagoons. Black cockatoos soar through the skies, dolphins play in the surf, and kangaroos hop through fields of yellow wildflowers.

The coastal city of Adelaide, once known as the City of Churches, is a multicultural fusion today. Restaurants serve up a delectable array of mouthwatering international dishes, and a multitude of live music events keep weekends busy.

Melbourne is full of spunk. Lively cafes and a cosmopolitan feel make it a cultural hotbed. Laneways are covered in street art and are packed with bars and restaurants. Find Middle Eastern fare in certain neighborhoods and Asian cuisine in Chinatown. The residents here love their sports just as much as they love their coffee. Find hordes of fans shouting for their teams at football games.

Sip on wine from a vineyard in the Barossa Valley, settled by German immigrants in the 19th century and known as one of Australia’s most popular vineyard regions today. Select a Riesling in the Clare Valley where blue skies pop against green, rolling hills.

The town of Mount Gambier has a deep cobalt crater lake and is nestled against a volcano. On the coast, tiny seaside towns offer fresh catches of the day. Oysters are harvested, beaches are quiet, and whales give birth to their young offshore. Swim with dolphins, or for even more of a thrill, descend into the depths to get face-to-face with great white sharks while safely inside a cage.

Inland, a large part of South Australia is harsh desert with salt lakes and endless horizons. See the stars sparkle in the dark sky at the Flinders Ranges in the Outback where the land is arid, ancient, and mysterious.