For every thing there is a season, and in the safari world, that season is year-round. An African safari in November with Ker & Downey is a rewarding experience with lower rates, fewer crowds, and excellent game viewing.

While high season is high for a reason, low season has merits of its own. For many countries in Africa, November is shoulder season or low season. There are fewer crowds and lower rates, making it a great time to travel.

African Safari in November - Luxury Safari - Ker Downey

For southern Africa, it’s the start of green season. Photographers can’t ask for a better time to capture the African landscapes and wildlife in the bush. Green season signals the start of the rains. These refreshing rains breathe life into a dry land, turning the dry plains to a vibrant green. Set against a blue sky after an afternoon shower, the colors pop. In East Africa, the green season usually starts around December and runs through May.

To take advantage of the green season, fewer crowds, and lower rates, we’re gathered up our top five places for an African safari in November.


The weather in Kenya is pretty temperate year round. From October to November, there is a short rainy season resulting in short afternoon showers, but the crowds that were in the Masai Mara in August and September have dispersed. The grass is still relatively short and the migration is still in the area, so it’s a great time for game viewing. It’s also high season for bird watching with migratory birds in the area until April.


Botswana Safari

It’s the start of the summer season in Botswana. You’ll see short, heavy showers during the day, but it isn’t peak rainy season. November is a great time to spot big cats in the early mornings or when the temperatures drop slightly in the evenings. Keep your eyes in the trees too, as leopards tend to lounge in the trees seeking respite from the heat. You’ll get great value for your money in November as rates drop significantly in Botswana in November.

African Safari in November - Luxury Botswana Safari - Ker Downey


You can travel to Madagascar year-round to see lemurs, but if you want to see baby lemurs (and who doesn’t), then make plans to head there in November. It’s shoulder season in Madagascar, with warm temperatures and few visitors. Wildlife is active and birds are in their breeding season. You can expect excellent sightings of lemurs, chameleons, frogs, and various birds, as well as endemic plant life on treks through Andasibe National Park. It’s also a great time to visit Tsarabanjina to soak up some sun and snorkel to see the tropical marine life.

African Safari in November - Luxury Madagascar Safari - Ker Downey

Safari in Tanzania

Storm clouds start rolling into the Serengeti in November, but so do the wildebeest. With the arrival of the wildebeest, you’ll start seeing excellent game viewing in Tanzania as predators have their pick among the plains game. There are significantly fewer safari-goers in November, so you’ll have some of the country’s best game viewing all to yourself. Bird watching is also at its best in November. There are short afternoon showers, but it shouldn’t negatively impact your trip.

Tanzania Safari - Ker Downey

South Africa

The weather in South Africa is pretty nice year-round. The Cape’s popular sights – Table Mountain, Cape Point, and Boulder’s Beach – are less crowded. And if you’re lucky, you can catch a few remaining southern right whales along the coast before they migrate to Antarctica. If you’re a keen birder, it’s a great time to travel to South Africa. In the bush, the safari wildlife will be harder to spot. At this time of year, they’ve left the waterholes with the rains. But if you’re patient, you’ll be rewarded.

Luxury South Africa - Ker Downey


November is considered the rainy season for this east African country. But don’t expect rain all day. The short rains in the morning make way for clear blue skies in the afternoon. While this may make walking trails a bit more muddy, with the right gear you’ll be in search of gorillas or chimpanzees in no time. With less people traveling to Rwanda at this time of year, permits to see the gorillas in Volcanoes National Park may be more available. While you are here, don’t forget to head south to Nyungwe National Park, home 13 different species of primate. Expect to see very few people as you head into the park in search for the Chimpanzee. While you are here, make sure to do the Canopy walk, a suspended bridge hanging from the trees, for a chance to see primates from above.

Gorilla Trek

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