For those asking how to get involved with Ecuador earthquake relief, Product Manager Elizabeth Frels has compiled a list of fundraising initiatives. 

On April 16, a massive 7.8 earthquake hit the small cities of Ecuador’s coast. Now, weeks later, hundreds of families are mourning their lost loved ones. Up to 600 lives have been taken to date, with hundreds still missing, thousands displaced, and at least 20,000 homes destroyed.

The outpouring of support from across the world was immediate: rescue missions swooped in to offer their services, relief workers and volunteers lost no time in answering the call for help, and financial aid from private companies, individuals, families, and the entire international community poured in to bring comfort to those most in need on the Pacific Coast.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief | Ker Downey Travel

But our work is far from over as the survivors of this deadly earthquake look to rebuild their homes, lives, and livelihoods, long after the quake.

We at Ker & Downey are humbled by the world’s response to one of our favorite countries, but we also see that interest in Ecuador is dwindling, despite the fact that the country’s citizens are still operating on “survival” mode. Many of our clients have asked how they can help, and our answer is clear: go visit.

By visiting Ecuador, travelers ensure the long-term regeneration of the country. For every incoming tourist, seven jobs are created both directly and indirectly. For the many Ecuadorian citizens flocking to the cities to rebuild their lives, that is an astounding and promising statistic.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief | Ker Downey Travel

The reality is that Ecuador needs tourism now more than ever. Its trickle-down effect on the economy has the potential to keep hope alive for months to come, moreso than a one-time donation. So we encourage you to contact your Luxury Travel Consultant today to begin planning your travels to Ecuador and seeing your impact at work.

For those who wish to make a financial contribution, we recommend the following local fundraising initiatives:

Ecuador Relief Earthquake Fund

The villagers of El Matal, in the Manabi province, had to fend for themselves until helped arrived 4 days after the earthquake. Currently people are sleeping under improvised plastic shelters, so the Ecuador Relief Earthquake Fund is focused on providing alternative housing to get them off the ground as well as clean water supply. $2,500 toward the Ecuador Relief Earthquake Fund can provide permanent shelter and clean water for one family.

Ecuador Earthquake Recovery Fund

The goal of Ecuador Recovering is to partner with schools, YPO groups, and other fundraising initiatives to assist with basic needs such as food and water in the El Matal village. The second phase will focus on shelter and provision of clean water to the community, with the long-term goal of assisting the village to become self-sustainable.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief | International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Immediately following the quake, the Ecuadorian Red Cross mobilized all manner of humanitarian aid out to the coast, including search and rescue teams, volunteers trained in pre-hospital care and psychosocial support, as well as emergency supplies. The Ecuadorian Red Cross National Blood Centre was also one of the first to take action. The most robust blood donation and distribution system in the country, the Ecuadorian Red Cross National Blood Center supplies 92% of the public hospitals in Ecuador. As of today, every single person who has needed blood has received it from the blood center. Your support will ensure that their work continues to stay ahead of the damage.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief | Ker Downey Travel