Asia May travel with Ker & Downey seeks to open the world’s largest continent to enthusiastic explorers while taking advantage of some of Asia’s best places to travel in May.

It’s unfair to lump all of Asia into one category. It’s vast, with regions of densely populated areas as well as sparse settlements, metropolitan cities, and tropical island hideaways. The best way to see a continent that offers so much variety is with a handcrafted journey that reflects your interests. Our expert guides can open a world of history and culture in an intimate way, away from crowds as they navigate through busy cities on uncrowded streets, by foot, tuk-tuk, boat, or private car.

May marks the beginning of high season for many places in Asia, but you can still experience it personal ways. You can’t go to China without visiting the Great Wall. But that’s on the top of everyone’s list for the country. With Ker & Downey, you’ll visit it with your guide at the Jinshanling section of the wall. It’s further from the city, but also much less crowded.

Asia May Travel | Luxury China Travel | Ker Downey

Our journeys also offer special access to cultural sites. On our new 13-day journey to China, Ker & Downey offers a visit to the Chonghua Gong, not open to the public – the Palace of Double Brilliance, where Emperor Qianlong lived before his ascension to the throne. The palace remains furnished in period style and is rarely visited.

May is a great time to travel to Mongolia, a remote country known for its natural beauty of vast steppes, rugged mountains, and the Gobi desert dotted with ancient dinosaur fossils, scenic sand dunes, hardy Bactrian camels, clear lakes and spectacular countryside. The nomadic people are warm with a rich culture. It’s a rugged and remote destination, but ideal for adventure travelers looking to step out of the ordinary.

Asia May Travel | Mongolia Adventure Travel | Ker Downey

Luxury travelers are gradually catching on to the allure of the far-flung tropical island paradises in the Philippines. Travel there in May to take advantage of shoulder season prices and discover some of the 7,000 blue-rimmed islands with activities like kayaking and snorkeling, or simply lounge on the sandy beaches.

Bali is another tropical island paradise that is ripe for exploring with a variety of activities like whitewater rafting, bicycling, and hiking. Its landscape is filled with golden beaches, lush rice terraces, volcanic hillsides, and gushing waterfalls. Bali’s rich culture is a main draw to the island. It can be seen in festivals and ceremonies, in Hindu temples, and in dance and music performances.

Asia May Travel | Luxury Bali Travel | Ker Downey

The world’s largest continent is ready to be discovered with Ker & Downey’s top Asia May travel experiences. To get there, consider flights on Singapore Airlines, voted World’s Best Airline in the 2015 Travel + Leisure Awards, or Turkish Airlines, which flies to over 230 international destinations. Both offer convenient and comfortable flights to get you to your final destination ready to explore.

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