Mosquito Nets for Africa are life-saving. Ker & Downey President David Marek updates us on the annual Nets for Africa trip to Uganda, coming up in August.

Once again, Ker & Downey is supporting a team visiting Uganda who are taking much needed mosquito nets, medications, doctors and nurses to the rural areas around Mbale. The trip is set for August 27 through September 7 and once again Ker & Downey is matching all donations that come through our website. Last year’s trip was a huge success with over 9,000 mosquito nets distributed, 15,000 people saw a doctor for diagnosis – many were children who had never seen a doctor before – over $5,000 of medications were given to treat various diseases, and 13 surgeries were performed on things like hernias and hysterectomies.

Mosquito Nets for Africa | Ker Downey

This year we have similar goals however there is a much greater need to provide surgeries for those in need. Every year we turn away people that require surgery. This year we want to provide surgery for every person that requires it. Just to give you an idea, surgery in Uganda to repair a hernia costs only $200. This year we would like to raise funds to provide the equivalent of 40 hernia surgeries….that’s $8,000. We can do this!

For every $8 donated; $5 goes to purchase a mosquito net, $2 goes toward purchase of medications, and $1 goes toward the cost of surgeries. We can do this!

Mosquitos still kill over 100,000 people a year in Uganda, and the victims are mostly children under the age of 5. We can do this!

Mosquito Nets for Africa | Ker Downey Mosquito Nets for Africa | Ker Downey

To learn more information about the Nets for Africa campaign or to donate mosquito nets for Africa, visit our Nets for Africa philanthropy page. To stay up to date on all of Ker & Downey’s online content, follow us on Facebook and Twitter