Snowmobiling in Iceland with Ker & Downey offers thrill seekers an exciting way to see Iceland’s expansive glaciers. Ker & Downey’s Bekah McNeel fills us in on the exciting excursion.

When I was a child, nothing thrilled me more than a big, clean sheet of white paper. The endless possibility of a clean plane, waiting for me to fill it with color, line, and form.

That’s exactly how I felt looking out at the blinding white expanse of Langjoküll glacier.

Sitting atop my snowmobile, I marveled at the views surrounding me on all sides. Only 24 hours before, this field had been in the clouds, shrouded from view. We’d driven through a white out blizzard in search of an ice cave, putting our super jeep to good use.

Snowmobiling in Iceland | Iceland Galcier | Iceland Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

But today, the air was crisp, and all that remained of yesterday’s blizzard was an blanket of snow, yet to bear the tracks of man or machine.

We fired up our sleds, and set off after our guide, who instructed us to stay in his tracks as we crossed the wide field, where crevasses and bluffs could be hidden beneath the drifts. If at first I was disappointed, having wanted to zig zag and loop my own path through the snow, I soon realized how disorienting the space could be, void of landmarks and contour. I was thankful for our guide’s expertise, keeping us aimed at some peaks just beyond the lip of the subtle bowl we were crossing. I allowed myself long glances at the horizon. A sweeping plan stretched between us and the peaks in the far distance. No cities, no traffic, only space to be explored.

As we came out of the bowl, the nearest peaks came into view like the craggy palace of a snow queen.

Snowmobiling in Iceland | Iceland Glacier | Iceland Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

This is where the real fun began, as we zoomed our sleds along embankments and slopes, getting braver with each turn. Finally we parked the sleds and relaxed in the sunshine, hidden away far above the world.

We crossed back to camp along another wide expanse, trusting our guide to keep us oriented. Because it was such a beautiful day, we took an extended trip to see views rarely visible in the snowy country. A special treat, courtesy of brilliant sun, cloudless sky, and a guide who knows what to do.

We returned to base camp to climb out of our gear. For VIPs, a private room is available for a buffet, champagne toast, and other treats to properly celebrate a day of adventure. Had we more time, the guides could have arranged a luxury tent on the edge of the glacier for us to spend the bright Icelandic night galavanting on top of the world. I think perhaps I’ll save that experience for my winter return, when I can soak in the stars and hunt for the aurora borealis.

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