Join photographer Andrew Hancock and Ker & Downey on a curated Iceland photography journey in February 2016. 

If you ever want to induce wanderlust in a single dose, take a look at some of photographer Andrew Hancock’s shots of Iceland. The luminescence of ice, the movement of windswept fields, and the severe silhouettes of craggy peaks call to the traveler in us all. Particularly those who travel with a camera in hand. For those inspired few who can capture the soul of a moment in their lens, Iceland is a dreamscape.


The tiny island country is a recent treasure trove for visual artists of all media, including Hollywood blockbusters. Its vistas have become the go-to backdrop for mysterious and other-worldly beauty. You may recognize the landscape from movies such as Batman Begins, Prometheus, and more than one Bond film. In The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the country itself finally took center stage as a destination.

It’s a destination that’s getting hotter by the day… even when the temperatures are dropping.

“I’ve seen summer and I’ve seen winter. Both are equally amazing,” said Hancock of his repeated journeys. “It really is a magical place.”



Part of the magic is the variation in the terrain, glaciers and plains that are as exquisitely detailed as they are grand and panoramic.

“It’s going to challenge you more so than any other place, I think, because of all the variety of things you can get, the variety of seasons. Everything from waterfalls, to seascapes, to mountains and fjords, to my favorite thing I’ve ever experienced, which is the Aurora Borealis,” said Hancock.

In February of 2016, Andrew Hancock will return to Iceland to chase the Aurora Borealis again. This time, you’re invited to join him. Learn from one of the masters of the craft as you explore the landscape of the tiny island.



Ker & Downey introduces the first edition of “Curated Journeys,” a series of departures to the dream destinations of photographers, epicureans, and culture makers. We are partnering with leading connoisseurs of food, wine, photography, and emerging destinations to hand craft itineraries that will draw eight travelers further into their own craft while experiencing some of the most rarified destinations on the planet.

“There’s few places on earth that are like Iceland. Maybe no place that is like it,” said Hancock.



Join Ker & Downey’s first Curated Journey to experience Iceland’s extremes. Her waterfalls and glaciers, her wind and fire will steal your breath, and fill you with inspiration.

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