The smallest continent on Earth, also known as Australia, is an amazing place for luxury vacations of all kinds. With 21,262 miles of coastline, the world’s largest monolith, The Great Barrier Reef, the famous outback, and fantastic biodiversity, there is something for everyone to see and experience in Australia to ensure it is the trip of your dreams.

Australia is divided into five travel regions: Great Barrier Reef, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Red Center, and Southern. Each one of these areas holds plenty of areas to explore and even more spaces to relax, but nothing is better than the 20 day Australian Dreamtime adventure. Named one of the Top 50 Tours of a Lifetime in 2008 by National Geographic Traveler, the journey is the ultimate in Australian luxury travel. Go on guided safaris, helicopter flights, tour Kakadu National Park, and go snorkeling and diving off of Haggerstone Island.

While you spend your time on the Australian Dreamtime adventure, you’ll be living in the utmost luxury. There are a wide range of accommodations which include:

Southern Ocean Lodge, which from your room on a cliff top, you’ll have amazing views of the Southern Ocean. There are only 21 rooms on the property, giving you a great sense of isolation.

Longitude 131°, which is a luxury tented encampment. And while “tented” and “luxury” rarely go together, no detail has been overlooked to ensure complete privacy, isolation, and relaxation.

-With only nine suites on the entire property, Bamurru Plains puts you right in the middle of the savannah bush. Each suite is immersed in the wilderness to make you feel at one with all of the nature surrounding you.

-Situated on an active cattle ranch in the Northern Territory, Bullo River Station puts you right in the thick of Australian native wildlife. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are served during the length of your stay.

-If true seclusion sounds appealing to you, then you’ll love Haggerstone Island. Completely uninhabited except for the owners and small staff of the property, staying there allows you to participate in a myriad of island activies in total privacy.

Any sort of adventure you can dream, we can make it a reality. If you’ve always dreamed of traveling to the other side of the world to experience Australia, you have come to the right place! Let us make your wildest luxury vacation dreams come true.