Travel is always exciting, but travel during worldwide festivals is even more amazing. Join the locals and celebrate some of Ker & Downey’s favorite festivals around the globe.

Whether it’s an ancient horse race in Tuscany or an art festival in Iceland, worldwide festivals come full of opportunity. Additionally, consider Thailand’s Yi Peng to see thousands of lanterns add sparkle to the night sky. Or journey to India during Diwali, the festival of lights, when homes are illuminated with small candles. In Germany, drink beer at Oktoberfest. In Guatemala, experience the Easter kite festival Or celebrate music and drama at the Salzburg Festival in the Austrian town where Mozart was born. Dazzling cultural displays, colorful parades, and epic Carnival parties are also on offer.

One can learn a lot about a culture and a country by experiencing its most prized events. That’s why Ker & Downey loves to plan itineraries around worldwide festivals. With Ker & Downey, that means going to the heart of the festivities. Each of the journeys below were designed to bring you up close and behind the scenes to an array of worldwide festivals.

Whether that means exclusive VIP tickets to a production that only occurs every decade or viewing fireworks from your own private yacht, Ker & Downey can make it happen. Along the way, you will no doubt find yourself immersed in a new culture. And of course — as with every Ker & Downey itinerary — you will also find yourself experiencing life as a local. After all, worldwide festivals represent the culmination of a country’s most valued culture and history.

Experience a Worldwide Festival with Ker & Downey

The below worldwide festival itineraries offer just a small taste of what Ker & Downey can do. Use them as inspiration. Then contact us to start planning your own festival experience around the globe.