The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay, meaning, “where the dragon descended to the sea”, is located in northern Vietnam and most famously known for its beautiful limestone rock formations and escarpments.  As beautiful as the area is to see, its charms multiply when you dive in and explore the wonders with your hands and feet.

The bay on the Gulf of Tonkin is best approached by boat, with the sea offering the most appropriate introduction to this dramatic cache of geological beauty.

An area of outstanding natural appeal, picturesque Ha Long Bay has more than 1,000 limestone islets rising from the sea, topped with tiny forests. Within the rock formations themselves are hidden alcoves where sandy beaches and shallow blue waters make for idyllic swimming and relaxation. These are the images many people imagine when struck by wanderlust and the desire to “get away from it all.” Ker & Downey’s expert guides can direct you to hidden treasures along the bay, perfect spots to make your own postcard-worthy memories of your carefree adventure.

Its calm waters are also great for boating, kayaking and other aquatic activities. Talk to your guide to arrange the perfect mode of transport for your excursion, a self propeled sea kayak for the adventurer, or a luxurious “junk,” a classic Vietnamese cruising boat, for the lover of leisure.

The land surrounding Ha Long Bay is equally enticing. Climb Titov Island or bike ride to the rice paddies close by. Ha Long is great for picnics, hiking, climbing and other outdoor adventures, especially knowing that you can end any athletic endeavor with a dip into the clear blue bay.

Allow Ker & Downey’s expert consultants to arrange the perfect water excursion within your Southeast Asia itinerary. This is the perfect place to take a breather between exciting capital cities, or to enjoy the final days of rest before your return.