Cushioned in the foothills of the breathtaking Virunga Volcano range, One&Only Gorilla's Nest is a magical property where you will experience once-in-a-lifetime encounters with rare, majestic mountain gorillas.

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At One&Only Gorilla’s Nest, you have a front row seat to Africa’s oldest national park where gorillas roam freely in their natural habitat. There aren’t many places on the planet where you can see endangered gorillas going about their day.

Beyond the gorillas, you will also see elephants, lions, exotic birds, and a wide array of other primates jumping and climbing before your eyes. Once you witness their world, settle into yours in this spectacular, modern haven where you will enjoy every creature comfort.

You can arrive to One&Only Gorilla’s Nest by helicopter; this is a coveted means of transport we recommend so that you can see the emerald landscape unfurl below you. The property is nestled within a forest of eucalyptus trees, surrounding you with their heavenly scent.

Rwandan artists were called upon to create the stylish, bright interiors enhanced by local crafts like baskets. Even the One&Only Gorilla’s Nest guides leading you into the wild grew up in this area, sharing with you their first-hand knowledge about the park.

Visit the Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, a facility for scientists working to protect this at-risk species. There are only 880 gorillas in Rwanda’s mist-shrouded mountains and the neighboring countries of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Learn about these creatures when the gorilla doctors come to the resort to speak to guests about conservation.

But this region isn’t just about the gorillas. At One & Only Gorilla’s Nest there is also a chance to kayak on Lake Kivu, discover hidden caves, and go birdwatching in search of the over 100 varieties. Visit local communities where former poachers are now being educated about the importance of keeping the gorillas in the wild. You can also help to re-plant sections of the forest.

When you aren’t out in the misty jungles, you will be kicking back in luxury with a fragrant cup of coffee. Rwanada is known for its delicious beans after all, and the One&Only Gorilla’s Nest hosts are happy to pour you a cup.

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