Apart from its prominent Volcanoes National Park attraction, Rwanda is also home to Nyungwe Forest National Park, which shelters more than 25-percent of Africa’s primate species. A trek through Nyungwe Forest National Park is an essential experience on any Rwanda primate safari and offers the adventurous traveler the chance to spot 14 different species of primates, including the L’Hoest’s monkey, owl-faced monkey, black and white colobus, and the ever-popular chimpanzee, with many troops numbering in the hundreds.

Nyungwe Forest National Park obtained reserve status in 1933 to save it from the increased threat of agricultural cleaning. Upon being declared a national park in 2004, Nyungwe has since enjoyed an increasing amount of visitors who find themselves in the magnetic grips of its stellar biodiversity. Over 370 square miles of mountainous rainforest, lush grassland, and swamp with elevations ranging from 5,600 feet to 9,700 feet are found in this corner of the Albertine Rift—a mix of geography that creates a vast range of habitats for multiple creatures to thrive. In addition to its famous primates, Nyungwe Forest National Park also boasts a dense butterfly population and a number of endemic plants and animals not found anywhere else in Africa. Hiking and trekking expeditions in the Nyungwe Forest National Park bring visitors incredibly close to the vast array of wildlife within its boundaries. A particularly rewarding experience awaits along the Nyungwe Forest National Park canopy walk, a 295-foot long bridge suspended 130 feet above the ground to bring guests eye level with the different primate species and various bird life hidden within the tree canopy.

Nyungwe Forest National Park borders Lake Kivu, a turquoise lake surrounded by mountains and split by the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Shifting rifts in the volcanic area contribute to the significant depth of the lake, one of the deepest in the world at 1,575 feet. Nile tilapia, Tanganyika sardine, catfish, and barbel are among the fish harvested regularly from the lake.

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