Odzala's Ngaga Camp in the Congo is a wilderness getaway located on the western boundary of Republic of Congo's Odzala-Kokoua National Park. Resting in a glade of marantaceae vegetation, Nagaga Camp offers guests a true gorilla experience. Discover this and more when you partake in luxury Congo Basin travel with Ker & Downey.

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Ngaga Camp is nestled in the Congo Basin, home of the world’s second largest expanse of tropical rainforest. This area of the Ndzehi Forest is a place where adventure-seekers can spot a rich number of wildlife. It feels untouched and remote, far away from the buzz of a busy life.

The camp consists of six thatched dome rooms equipped with a raised wraparound walkway allowing for full appreciation of the forest canopy that reaches up high to the skies. Each room has a twin or double bed, a sink, shower, flush toilet, and toiletries. A beautiful trunk provides storage space for guests’ belongings. To preserve the environment, only natural, locally sourced materials were used to build the camp, leaving a very light footprint and making this camp seamlessly blend into the remote forest. Rooms are made of woven raffia palm panels.

The dining room, lounge, and bar are also thatched and are all also raised to ensure spectacular views of this remote and beautiful place. Lounging cushions and chairs offer a place to meet and chat with fellow guests or to watch the monkeys that inhabit this spectacular place.

Track the population of western lowland gorillas while exploring the thick forests on foot. The gorillas are often spotted high in the trees or in large groups. Guests will be led in search of the gorillas, looking for barely visible tracks and signs, and listening for sounds. The Ndzehe Forest has a network of well-maintained trails. Beautiful birds like brightly colored turacos and black and orange hornbills flutter about, making this a bird watchers paradise.

Researchers who have studied and habituated the western lowland gorillas are based in Ngaga Camp year-round. Their presence at camp gives guests unique insight into these magnificent animals.

Visit a local village to find out how the people live here using what nature provides. In the evenings relax by the fire pit on the deck, overlooking the banks of the pristine stream that lies below the camp and watching the glistening stars above. Share a drink with new friends with a cocktail in hand served at the well-stocked bar.

Venture out at night to see the nocturnal primates like the Central Potto, the scaly Pangolin, and various Galago species. This is when shy forest species come out.

After a day of exploring, sit on the deck surrounding your private room and doze off to the sound of the gentle breeze rustling through the trees. Stay at Ngaga Camp in the Congo today.

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