There's still an undiscovered spot in the Caribbean; it's called Calala Island, and you are invited to lounge on its perfect beaches and swim in its turquoise seas.

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Found off the coast of Nicaragua, Calala Island is one of those palm-fringed island paradises dreamed of by sailors lost at sea. Getting here is only possible by boat or a helicopter from the mainland.

This unspoiled paradise is home to only four private beach-side suites. Breezy rooms are accented by white drapery and shell accessories that gently dance in the tropical breeze. Ceiling fans keep the room cool, and king-size beds are swathed in crisp white linens. Watch the waves lap the shore from your verandah as you sip on a mimosa or two. Succumb to a siesta on the hammock strung from your palapa. Set your feet free from the confines of shoes and go barefoot on the soft sand. Eco-conscious practices like solar power and composting ensure that the natural beauty of this idyllic island remains.

Lobster brioche burgers, grilled tomato bruschetta, snapper ceviche, and lobster and mango skewers are served wherever you want to eat, even under the moonlight. Seafood is pulled straight from the sea. Your meals are prepared by a talented chef who has worked at European Michelin-starred restaurants. Swim up to the bar by the pool for a cocktail or fresh coconut water.

Calala Island is a nesting site for endangered Hawksbill turtles and depending on the season you will see them hatching and meandering to the sea. Dive down below to snorkel in the crystalline seas or set out on a boat trip to Little Calala, a shell-strewn sandbar that provides a perfect afternoon of relaxation. Visit quaint fishing villages to meet the friendly people carrying on with their traditional way of life. It’s fascinating to hear them mix their language between English, Creole, and Spanish.

As day transitions into evening and the sky transforms into a palette of purple and pink, you’ll believe that being a castaway isn’t so bad after all.

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