Alongside its iconic Bloemenmarket tulips and Zaanse Schans windmills, the global image of Amsterdam is that of a city entwined with water. Here in the colloquially named “Venice of the North,” canals crisscross the town, boats and bikes act as the main modes of transportation, and more than 1,500 bridges lead to a trove of architectural wonders. But what makes luxury Amsterdam travel truly appealing to the international traveler is the city’s almost perfected melding of 17th century historic charm and modern urban flair. It might be the capital and largest urban center of the Netherlands, but it still retains an inimitable intimacy alongside a cosmopolitan congeniality, an almost irresistible combination.

Amsterdam luxury travel is akin to stepping into a time capsule. There is an atmospheric and almost untouched quality to its historic city center, one of the largest in Europe. The labyrinth of streets—left remarkably unscathed after World War II—are unchanged from their 19th century pattern and are linked by a series of beautifully lit bridges, ripe for rambling and bicycling. As many know, two-wheeling is a way of life here, with more bikes than people, and certainly the best way to experience the city like locals do. And between the small-scale village-like buildings and the compactness of its lanes and squares, the possibility of stumbling upon new treasures is inevitable, whether a hidden garden, a jenever gin distillery, an old monastery-turned-classical music venue, a gabled building straight out of a Golden Age painting, or a quintessential cozy café. But then of course, there nothing as magical as discovering it all by boat, floating down Amsterdam’s UNESCO-designated Canal Ring district.

At the same time, Amsterdam luxury travel also comes with all of the advantages of a big city: a largely diverse and tolerant population, a lively nightlife scene, and an incomparably rich cultural wheelhouse. Amsterdam has the highest museum density in the world, ranging from Dutch masterpieces to eclectic showcases of vodka and cannabis. One can barely walk a mile without bumping into a cultural highlight, be it the Van Gogh Museum, the restored Rijksmuseum, the Museum het Rembrandthuis, the moving Anne Frank House, or the truly blockbuster Hermitage Amsterdam, an outpost of Russia’s famed Hermitage that borrows from its three-million-piece collection to mount massive exhibits.

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