Ireland’s capital city, Dublin is the nexus of Irish culture past, present and future. Among the rollicking pubs and live music, sit architectural time capsules containing the history of the country and the roots of the Irish people.

One such site is Dublin Castle, a mix of structures from the Middle Ages and subsequent eras. The castle’s towers tell the story of the Ireland’s tumultuous history under many foreign rulers. Examples of Anglo-Norman and Georgian architecture remain, while evidence of Viking conquest has been excavated from the site.

The city’s Georgian district reflects the prosperity of the “Age of Elegance” in the 18th century. Trinity College dates back to 1592 and houses important Gaelic works from Ireland’s antiquity, including the Book of Kells, a fascinating manuscript that dates back to the year 800.

The south bank’s Temple Bar has experienced a resurgence in popularity with local Dubliners and visitors alike. Many cultural institutions are housed in the area, along with a lively nightlife scene. While all eras of Irish history are represented, the cobblestone streets and quaint streetscape will remind you of the centuries of Dubliners who have walked the streets before you, shaping history as they went.

Many of Dublin’s most memorable names are famous artists, and Dublin has kept up the tradition of Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, and Francis Bacon through a thriving contemporary arts scene.

Perhaps the best place to see this modern manifestation of Ireland’s cultural heritage on display is Grafton Street. The avenue is lined with high-end shops and cafes and populated by lively street buskers, all leading to the beloved fountains, bronze statues, and lawns of the Green – St. Stephens Green Park. The city also hosts the Dublin Fringe Festival, a major arts event that showcases the city’s continuing respect for artistic expression.

Whether you are looking to uncover history, or looking into the future of Ireland, Dublin is the place to do it. Ker &  Downey’s expert guides will makes sure that you discover the best of the city, whether ancient, modern, or all that lies between.