Rich in beauty on land and underwater, western Indonesia is a stunning place made up of many islands to discover and explore. Indonesia as a whole has registered over 2,000 islands and many of them in the western portion are well worth a visit. This side of Indonesia features Raja Ampat, a paradise with some of the most beautiful islands on the globe.

Turquoise waters lap on pristine, white sand beaches, and the underwater world is equally as awe-inspiring. This region falls within the Coral Triangle, a marine area of rich biodiversity with three-quarters of the world’s coral types.

Snorkel or dive through the vibrant coral homes of an intoxicating mix of colorful fish. Spot an orange clown fish or seahorse peeking out from the corals. Fish wear spots and stripes and hide in the vibrant hues of the corals. Lagoons brim with jellyfish floating around in translucent shades. Every living thing dances through the waters in what looks like choreographed waves.

Scientist Alfred Russel Wallace wrote in 1869, “Situated upon the Equator, and bathed by the tepid water of the great tropical oceans, this region teems with natural productions which are elsewhere unknown.”

On land, orangutans swing through the canopies of the ancient equatorial rain forests. Monkeys, macaques, and flying squirrels also make their homes amid the trees.

Adventure seekers will love trekking through humid jungles, thick with tropical flowers and plants. Colorful butterflies and birds flutter through the foliage. Borneo is one of the largest islands in the world, and part of it is in Indonesia. Mountains tower over the lush jungles leading down to the beaches. Little villages dot the secluded islands of western Indonesia. Stay in a secluded island paradise on Raja Ampat and look out over the serene waters. This area is also a manta ray sanctuary and its underwater spectacle is stunning.

Lounge on a hammock and take a snooze to the sounds of the sea, or enjoy a relaxing beach-side massage as you doze off in this pristine paradise.