The M/V Hondius is set to sail in 2019 and will be one of the strongest ice-strengthened vessels in the Polar region.

The ship will have a variety of 84 cabins in different sizes. Suites have balconies offering stunning views of the cold landscape as you approach the seventh continent. Cozy and comfort combine in all rooms and in the common areas. This is the place to rest and relax after a day of exploring the South Pole.

One deck is reserved for the observation lounge, where lectures and presentations will help you learn more about this region. The spectacular scenery can be viewed from the deck and if you are elsewhere on the ship, announcements over the loud speaker will alert you to whale sightings. Bowhead Whales and Killer Whales make their way through these mysterious waters.

Hop onto one of the zodiacs and make landfall explore the rugged terrain and get up-close to the wildlife on this remote continent. Hike along South Georgia Island and retrace the steps of famous explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, who led three British expeditions to Antarctica.

Camp under the Antarctic skies with the mountains serving as your backdrop, and listen to the chatter of penguins as they hop and scurry through the white expanse. Climb up into the mountains using crampons to gain grip on slippery glaciers.

For a new perspective of the rugged coastlines and the snow-capped mountains, ride in a kayak and navigate through the patches of floating ice in the gentle dark blue waters. The icebergs reflect a brilliant blue in the depths below. True thrill seekers can dive into the chilly waters to explore the tranquility under the sea. Find an astounding and colorful underwater world of seals and their pups, plus starfish and jellyfish that thrive in this sometimes unforgiving place.

From the M/V Hondius, you will feel the serenity of nature surround you in the most remote place on earth.