Fly over dark blue waters punctuated by white icebergs as your private jet makes its way to Antarctica and White Desert Camp.

Choose from three adventure options that vary in length from a day trip, four days, or eight. The White Desert Camp allows you to really delve into the interior of Antarctica. All adventures use Whichaway Camp as their base. Six state-of-the-art sleeping pods are heated and designed for two guests and use solar panels for electrical supply and solar water heaters for the shower system.

Rugged snow-capped mountains serve as the backdrop to the pods with a never ending sea of snow covering the landscape as far as the eye can see. The pods are 20 feet in diameter pods and include a writing desk and an en-suite bathroom. Rich and warming textiles and a slate grey headboard offer a place of rest after a day of exploring the chilly wilderness. Three centralized pods house the reception area, lounge, and dining areas where guests can share meals and sip on a glass of wine together and chat about their experiences exploring the planet’s most remote continent. Relax on the rich red and blue jewel toned tufted velvet seating in the reception area.

The Emperors and South Pole adventure brings you up-close with an emperor penguin colony in Atka Bay. Some 6,000 of these creatures and their young chicks gather and are unafraid of human interaction, leaving you free to listen to the commotion of their chatter. Trek through the white expanse or make your way through ice tunnels nearby. See how giant waves have formed surreal formations along the coast, enjoy a non-traditional picnic in the snow, climb up rocks and mountains… this adventure goes where many humans have never been.

The Ice & Mountains adventure is four days and takes you to the Drygalski mountain range, rising from the icy landscape. Visit one of the science bases in Antarctica to learn more about the research that takes place here. Adrenaline junkies will enjoy the ice climbing and high-lining across a lake in the last great wilderness of the world.