Take a journey to the bottom of the world on a South Pole adventure, staying in luxury Antarctica camps. The South Pole is for those who seek a truly unique experience.

The frigid continent of Antarctica is larger than the United States and Europe. Its chilly expanse is punctuated by mountains, volcanoes, and frozen lakes. Trek through this remote region where past explorers forged paths through the snow, hoping to learn more about this distant place. This furthermost reach of the planet was first sighted in 1820.

Stay in a luxury camp offers comfort amidst the chill and warm luxuries in the wilderness. Sip on wine and champagne to celebrate with other guests who have made the journey to a place not many have seen.

Mother Nature’s beauty is on full display in Antarctica. Walk through crystalline, stunning blue tunnels on the coastline. Go further inland to explore the terrain deeper into the heart of the South Pole and climb up the rugged hills. Your Ker & Downey luxury travel consultant will help customize your activities depending on your needs. Endless hours of sunlight provide the opportunity to explore the rocky environment and see icebergs reflect a turquoise hue underneath the dark blue waters.

A place with weather seemingly so unforgiving, actually has a variety of wildlife from birds to blue whales. Colonies of penguins will greet you, unafraid of mingling with their curious human visitors. Watch them dive into the chilly waters, their black and white coats providing a stark contrast to the endless sea of white snow.

Don a thick parka and try on snowshoes and explore the scientific bases where researchers are learning more about the continent. Take a step back in time when inspecting the former lodgings of the explorers who braved life on the bottom of the earth. You will retreat each day to your luxury Antarctica camp that offers a magical and comfortable experience.