Dive into our list of the bluest places on earth. We picked these true blue destinations based on Pantone’s Color of the Year—Classic Blue—so whether you like land-based experiences or under-the-sea adventures, we’ve got someplace for you to explore.


You won’t be surprised that the Maldives is a favorite among newlyweds looking for a little peace and quiet in paradise after a busy wedding. For extra seclusion, stay in a private villa directly on the water. The Maldives is among the many romantic destinations we have in mind for couples who just want to get away.

The Bluest Places on Earth - Maldives Travel - Ker & Downey

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Morocco has no shortage of color, that’s for sure. But when you go on a custom journey to Morocco, this is just one of many places to include. The city of Chefchaouen is awash in a calming blue. See more photo-worthy locations in Morocco to add to your journey.

The Bluest Places on Earth - Morocco Travel - Ker & Downey

Majorelle Gardens, Marrakesh

Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent restored this 1920s garden with marble pools, spiky cactus, banana trees, swaying palms, and bursting bougainvilleas. But the most prominent color is the striking blue Moorish building, adding an even more harmonious touch to this already calming retreat in one of Morocco’s bustling cities.

The Bluest Places on Earth - Morocco Travel - Ker & Downey

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Soak in the milky warmth of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, a must on our list of bluest places on earth. It’s the perfect respite after exploring all the outdoor activities the island has to offer on our Southern Iceland Summer Adventure.

The Bluest Places on Earth - Iceland Travel - Ker & Downey

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Dating back to 1609, this glorious mosque earned its nickname because of the dazzling display of tiles covering its arched ceilings. It may be an actual pain in the neck to crane your head up to admire the intricate details, but it’s well worth it. From the outside, the domes and minarets of this incredible structure are easily spotted on an Istanbul river cruise.

The Bluest Places on Earth - Istanbul Travel - Ker & Downey

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

This quiet seaside town is a haven of blue shutters and window grills set against a scene of pink bougainvillea on whitewashed walls. Plus there are the endless views of the Mediterranean, making it a must-see when you go on a handcrafted journey to this still under-the-radar destination.

The Bluest Places on Earth - Tunisia Travel - Ker & Downey

Blue Lagoon, Malta

Grab a map and try to find this tiny Mediterranean island jam packed with history and a unique culture.  When you visit in the warmer months, set sail to the Blue Lagoon. Take a dip in its impossibly turquoise water to understand why this is one of the bluest places on earth. It’s pretty shallow so you can easily float in this salty pool, swimming to sandy coves to bask in the Mediterranean sun.

The Bluest Places on Earth - Malta Travel - Ker & Downey


A natural wonderland awaits on the coast of Belize, scattered with hundreds of tropical islands with endless beaches. Don a mask to swim with the fish (there are 500 species) in the second largest barrier reef in the world. Don’t miss a private helicopter flight over the captivating Great Blue Hole.

The Bluest Places on Earth - Belize Travel - Ker & Downey

Paraty, Brazil

You’ll feel anything but blue when you are in Paraty, a colonial town featuring pretty white buildings decked out with blue accents. Pair Paraty with a custom trip to Sao Paulo or the sizzling beaches of Rio de Janiero to get a real immersion into Brazilian life.

The Bluest Places on Earth - Brazil Travel - Ker & Downey

Casa Palopo, Guatemala

Admire the shimmering waters of Lake Atitlan and the volcanoes beyond from this villa. Its location makes it an ideal launching pad for you to learn about the Mayan culture and visit villages where age-old customs remain in the form of tapestries, cuisine, and language.

The Bluest Places on Earth - Guatemala Travel - Ker & Downey

Don’t feel blue. Contact the experts at Ker & Downey to start planning your trip to one (or more) of these bluest places on earth.