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In addition to the UK, Ireland is also one of the world’s top destinations for adventure travelers. Today, we’re introducing you to Samuel Brett, our immersive adventure guide in Ireland. To start planning your Ireland adventure, contact us. We’re ready to show you the best of Ireland through outdoor adventures, without compromising on luxury.

Ireland Adventure Travel - Samuel Brett - Ker Downey

How many years have you been a guide?

I’ve been guiding for 12 seasons now

What or who inspired you to get into the guiding industry?

My Uncle inspired me to tell stories but it was my best friend’s Girlfriend who was working in event management at the time that suggested I try tour guiding given my passion for folklore, history etc.

What is your favorite aspect of guiding, especially in your particular region?

My home county is possibly the richest part of the country in terms of folklore. I love reading the landscape for visitors it’s like an open book to me.

Ireland Adventure Travel - Samuel Brett - Ker Downey

What is your favorite part of your city or territory?

The view out my front door at the moment, a flock of sheep in the paddock out front and the river Bonet beyond, winding lazily through the rolling drumlins of north County Leitrim, magic!

What is your favorite place to introduce people to in your city?

The Neolithic passage tomb cemetery at Carrowkeel overlooking the Lough Arrow valley dotted with hundreds of ancient sites all referenced in the Irish Mythological cycle… More magic! 🙂

Why is it so important for travelers to experience a destination with a guide such as yourself?

In my own humble opinion and experience of guiding over the years I have had the privilege to be guided in parts of my own country by local guides. Places I thought I knew already and seeing them through the eyes of an expert guide helped me experience an already familiar place in a completely new and fascinating way, enriching my experience. If this can be the case for myself then first time visitors I would imagine can get more return on their investment so to speak.

Ireland Adventure Travel - Samuel Brett - Ker Downey

Name one of your most memorable experiences you have had as a guide.

To date my most recent guiding trip was the most memorable, specifically flying over the Skellig islands by helicopter was a dream come true, but I always look forward to my next trip with as much fondness as I look back on memories. It’s just such a fun profession and you never know what’s around the next corner, I love it!

What is a hidden gem in Ireland that you think should be “next” on travelers’ bucket lists?

That would be telling! 🙂 Let me show you in person.

Ireland Adventure Travel - Samuel Brett - Ker Downey

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