Madagascar adventure travel with Ker & Downey is altogether wild, intoxicating, and otherworldly. Travel with us to experience the uniqueness and luxury of this provocative island. 

With a landmass surpassing that of France and Kenya and a unique biodiversity akin to that of the Galapagos or Borneo, Madagascar stands as one of the world’s foremost wildlife and cultural destinations.

To call it a naturalist’s paradise is an understatement. Raw and real, Madagascar houses 5% of the world’s known plant and animal species. In other words, one in 20 species on Earth live only in Madagascar. As a matter of fact, 50% of the birds, 80% of the flora, 90% of the reptiles, and 100% of the mammals are completely endemic to the island.

Ker & Downey’s classic Madagascar Safari is Madagascar adventure travel at its best. From the haunting calls of the indri lemurs to the crystal clear waters of Tsarabanjina, join Ker & Downey as we name our favorite Madagascar must-do’s.

FOLLOW the development of the island and its people on a tour of the Prime Minister’s palace and cultural museum in Antananarivo.

Luxury Madagascar | Ker Downey

LISTEN for the haunting calls of the rare indri lemur as you embark on an early morning trek through Andasibe-Mantadia National Park.

Madagascar Adventure Travel | Luxury Madagascar | Ker Downey

PADDLE from your room at Vakona Forest Lodge to Lemur Island, a sanctuary for rescued, orphaned, and former pet lemurs. In fact, this is the only place in Madagascar where you can enjoy hands-on interaction with the unique species.

Madagascar Adventure Travel | Luxury Madagascar | Ker Downey | Lemur Island

INDULGE in a sundowner amid the ancient baobabs and Spiny Forests of Ifotaka, one of the driest regions in Madagascar.

Luxury Madagascar | Ker Downey

JOIN the Antandroy people in a traditional performance of song and dance around the campfire at Mandrare River Camp. These indigenous peoples were never truly conquered by their French colonizers. Thus they retain their own unique culture, including powerful dances and music, to this day.

Luxury Madagascar | Ker Downey

SEARCH for the elusive sifaka during a night walk within the Forest of Zenavo. Night walks are an important part of the Madagascar experience, offering a better chance to spot nocturnal wildlife. This includes these strange creatures who survive due to their ability to subsist without water.

RETREAT to your own private island of Tsarabanjina. Soak in the barefoot luxury of the Constance Tsarabanjina off the coast of Nosy Be.

DIVE along the Mitsio Coral Reef—one of the best diving destinations in the world. The reef is known for its beautiful coral, gentle whale sharks, and large turtle population under the crystal blue waters.

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