The Minzifa Boutique Hotel's 12 rooms celebrate the detailed, centuries-old architecture and craftsmanship seen throughout Bukhara.

Property Details

The Minzifa Boutique Hotel effortlessly combines eastern and western influences. The family-run property is located right in the heart of the old city’s mahalla, a traditional neighborhood.

Enter the Minzifa Boutique Hotel through a 150-year-old wooden gate that blends into the narrow, quiet old city streets. You are welcomed with a refreshing sherbet or a soothing cup of green tea or coffee, making you feel immediately at home.

Rooms with en suite bathrooms are decorated in typical Bukhara style and accented with statues and antiques. Bukhara craftsmen from Uzbekistan’s famous dynasties were invited to decorate the Minzifa Boutique Hotel with wood and ganch carvings. The plaster transforms from plain and simple to exquisite decoration all over mosques and palaces seen throughout Bukhara. Traditionally the craft was passed down from father to son. Sometimes a whole village would be known for one particular style.

The lavish Sitorai-Mohi Hosa Palace belonging to the Emir of Bukhara is the inspiration behind the White Room. A mirrored wall is a canvas of ganch carvings, a technique rarely seen today. Wood floors and ceilings make the space cozy and comfortable. Arched niches placed along the walls add extra interest, and another wall features by a handmade suzani-embroidered piece decorated with a floral pattern.

Other rooms include preserved documents and drawings, painted floral walls, and niches (a favorite motif). Stalactites hang from arches and built-in cupboards contain little trinkets. The windows and doors at Minzifa Boutique Hotel are topped with decorative features allowing sunlight to filter inside while creating fancy shadowed patterns.

Start your day with homemade breakfast. The scent of a freshly baked cake, pie, and pancake topped with cream and special melon and fig jams will make waking up easy.

Big jars, woven baskets, ceramic plates, and vases decorate the courtyard, where you can sit listening to the sounds of the stirring city. Even more beautiful architecture exists outside the Minzifa Boutique Hotel, like the old synagogue, madrasahs, and museums.

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