On the southern tip of Sri Lanka you can sink your toes into the sand and look out over a seemingly endless ocean. Sea breezes produce a milder climate than surrounding lowlands, and the uninterrupted sky over the Indian Ocean gives the water a beguiling depth of blue. Beaches are the primary draw in Tangalle (or Tangalla). While there is plenty to do in the nearby jungles of Yala and the numerous wildlife preserves, most visitors have a hard time sacrificing even a moment of relaxation on the pristine, secluded beaches that dot the coastline around Tangalle.

Ker & Downey ensures that our guests enjoy the most exclusive access available wherever their journeys take them. In Tangalle, expect to find your private paradise on the west side of town, away from crowds. Here you will find magical inlets and tiny coves that seem set apart from the world. Your Ker & Downey guides know the area well and can help you find a beach that suits your style, whether you want to relax on the sand or wade out in the expanses of shallow water. When you feel more adventurous, ample diving opportunities await as well.

While the quiet of the secluded beaches may be ideal, don’t miss Rekawa and Kahandamodera, generally agreed upon as the most beautiful beaches of them all. At Rekawa, you can visit the Turtle Conservation Project, where five species of marine turtles lay their eggs from January to July. The Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary is another of the many conservation efforts in the surrounding national parks. The easily accessible parks are home to an array of wildlife, and your expert guides give you the best chance of seeing the animals in their native habitats.

As though the abundance of beaches and wildlife were not enough, Tangalle is also home to one of the country’s most famous Buddhist sites: the ancient Mulkirigala Stone Temple, a royal holy site dating back to the third century. Allow Ker & Downey’s destination experts to help you find your perfect beach, and incorporate the splendor of Tangalle into your Asian adventure – contact us to get started.