Gazing over the rolling hills carpeted in lush green plantations, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a secret wonderland for a behind the scenes look at the magical place where tea is born. This is Hatton—its landscape beckons hikers and pilgrims with tall peaks and prized religious sites, but by far its most enchanting feature are the fields of Ceylon tea. Ker & Downey’s private tours will take you deep into the Ceylon plantations of Hatton, where you’ll touch the fertile soil with your own hands, and meet the families who have been harvesting the treasured tea for generations. Our local guides will take you off the beaten track in a part of the world where there are few tracks to begin with. All the while you will rest and rejuvenate in luxury, enjoying the bounty of the land stretched out before you and steeping in your teacup.

For those interested in going deeper into the Hatton region, consider a hike to Adam’s Peak, a spot that appeals to nature lovers and culture connoisseurs alike. At the top of Adam’s peak, Sri Pada, a footprint has become a metaphor for the competing religions of Sri Lanka, drawing diverse pilgrims from around the country. Muslims claim the footprint to be that of Adam after his fall from the Garden, some Christians claim it belongs to St. Thomas, Buddhists claim it as the mark of Buddha, Hindus say that it is Shiva who made the sacred footprint, and still others that it is from a eunuch of the court of Candace of Ethiopia,

The peak is mentioned in early Buddhist texts, and has long held mythological significance among the diverse cultures of Sri Lanka and throughout the east. For those who prefer to enjoy a more remote landscape, the area is full of sanctuaries and preserves. Whether you want to delve into tea, or hike a sacred mountain, Ker & Downey’s expert travel consultants can bring the magic of Hatton to your luxury Asia itinerary. Contact us to begin planning your own journey.