The Quirimbas Islands stretch for an astonishing 124 miles along the Mozambique coast. These sun-drenched tropical islands contain some of the richest coral reefs in the world and provide an unparalleled environment for an abundant array of marine life. The Quirimbas Islands include a grand total of 32 tropical coral islands that meander all the way from Pemba up north to the Rovuma River, the natural border between Tanzania and Mozambique. Though many islands are occupied with small fishing villages, development here is minimal, providing a pristine experience for visitors in search of exploration and enjoyment.

In the south, 11 of the Quirimbas Islands feature as part of the Quirimbas National Park. The park itself was established a short while ago, only in 2002, to sustain the precious Mozambique natural environment. Nearly two-million acres of enchanted forests, mountains, savannahs, mangroves, and coral reefs comprise the protected area and offer an endlessly interesting safari experience by land and sea. Leopards, lions, and elephants rule above water, and some 375 species of fish have been found beneath the waves. The park also encompasses the feeding and nesting grounds for a variety of sea turtles, dugong, dolphins, sharks, and migrating whales.

The islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago are also known for their enormous cultural and historical heritage with a melting pot of Arabian, Portuguese, and African influences. Coral reefs and magnificent old fortresses enhance the fascinating history of Ibo Island. With its prime location off the East African coast, the island became a significant trading post for gold, silver, and ivory during the Portuguese colonization of Mozambique. Visitors can see relics from the days of the slave trade and watch silversmiths hand-fashion intricate silver jewelry as they have for generations.

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