Travel to Ponta Mamoli, Mozambique with Ker & Downey! Ponta Mamoli is a gorgeous sanctuary, flirting with the Indian Ocean on the edge of the South African border and south of Maputo, Mozambique’s capital city. The idyllic dune beaches of Ponta Mamoli and its striking turquoise bay are part of Mozambique’s Lagoon Coast, a series of sheltered inlets carved away over time, leaving behind a collection of shimmering sand havens and freshwater lakes just off the coast.

The protected ocean waters house a treasure trove of life and are a part of one of the most coveted snorkeling and diving spots in southern Africa. Leatherback turtles, rays, and colorful tropical fish are among the underwater denizens that dart through the clear waters, accented by the brilliant rainbow of coral below. Dolphins can be spotted at play year-round at Ponta Mamoli, and from July to November humpbacks and other traveling whales pass by the area, signaling their presence with a spray into the sky.

The magnificent White Pearl Resort, Ponta Mamoli is a Ker & Downey favorite. With 22 romantic private villas all facing the Indian Ocean, the beauty of this coastal gem shines spectacularly.

As a contrast to the blue and white of the beaches, endemic wooded grasslands, savannas, and swamps can also be found at Ponta Mamoli. The nearby Maputo Special Reserve is home to a variety of birdlife and plains game, including many of the same species found in South Africa. Find families of over 350 African elephants for which the reserve was once named living on the 191,000 acres of protected land.

South of Ponta Mamoli, the tiny town of Ponto Do Oura is another coastal haven for choice diving and fishing. Portuguese sailors hastily christened the area “Point of Gold” with the assumption that gold could be found in the region. They found no gold reserves, but visitors today will find a collection of rustic pubs and a quaint open-air market, plus even more spectacular offshore reefs meant for underwater exploration.

Ponta Mamoli enriches your journey to Mozambique with its pristine beaches and wetlands – contact your Ker & Downey luxury travel consultant to include this region in your next luxury travel itinerary to Mozambique.