Coral Lodge 15.41 blends modern luxury with the aura of its historic Mozambique setting. From its location on a sheltered peninsula the dedicated staff here help craft an experience that is authentic, refined, and unforgettable.

Property Details

Coral Lodge gets the “15.41” in its name from its latitude and longitude coordinates, and it gets its design from Dutch designer Edward van Vliet. He lent his talents to the creation of the 10 villas, styling each with a theme that incorporates the natural colors of the surrounds and finishing touches in bright colors. Fitted with African-inspired decor and modern furnishings, these spacious abodes also feature en-suite baths and a private lounge area for relaxing between explorations.

The villas at Coral Lodge were constructed atop the coastal dunes to capitalize on the marvelous views and the winds breezing in through the adjustable windows and shutters. Sleeping in your villa is as comfortable as it is high-tech, with each Coco-Mat bed outfitted with an Evening Breeze canopy that has a personal cooling system built in. Half of the villas enjoy a direct view of the water and are mere footsteps from the beach; the other half are positioned closer to the mangrove forest and look out towards Ilha de Mozambique. Two of the 10 villas also include an extra bedroom and half-bath, suitable for accommodating up to two children.

Hosted and attended to by friendly Mozambican staff, guests of the Coral Lodge 15.41 are spoiled for options to occupy their leisure time. The picturesque infinity pool overlooks the mangroves, and local birds can often be seen and heard while you are taking a swim. Treatments at the Coral Lodge Spa enjoy a lovely view of the beach, and can also be taken in the privacy of your villa.

In an open thatched-roof building at the tip of the peninsula you’ll find The Reef, the Coral Lodge restaurant and bar. Dine inside or al fresco, sampling dishes created from the bounty of the Indian Ocean and imbued with the influences of regions that shaped Mozambique’s past: Portugal and the Middle East.

Coral Lodge 15.41 is located just a few minutes from Ilha de Mozambique, the historic island city that still shelters relics from its days as the capital of the Portuguese colonial forces. Embark to this tiny island to walk its streets, inspect its architecture, and interact with its charming people.

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