Over many centuries, Mozambique has cemented itself as an important country in southern Africa. Medieval Arab and European sailors first discovered the area while making their way to and from the spice-rich countries in the Far East. The Portuguese colonized Mozambique for over 400 years, the spice and slave trades brought notoriety and infamy to its coastal hubs, and today’s travelers are known to flock to its shores for a balance of lazy beach living and cultural exploration.

Mozambique is located on the southeastern coast of Africa and surrounded on all sides by the very best of safari and beach destinations—it is bordered by Tanzania to the north, South Africa to the south, Zimbabwe to the west, and Zambia to the northwest. Its eastern border looks out over the Indian Ocean, comprising over 620 miles of coastline rich in tropical fruits, seafood, and fantastic views. The coast is teeming with historical sites too, boasting centuries-old seaside forts, European-style buildings, and towns that still bear their Portuguese names. The waters between Mozambique and Madagascar are scattered with a number of splendid archipelagos that regularly entice divers and boaters from all across the world for a jaunt through its pristine underwater marvels.

Getting to the heart of Mozambique’s wonder means venturing beyond the beautiful beaches and water activities to interact with her friendly and warm people. With Ker & Downey’s unique private Mozambique vacation packages, you can share a meal of fresh fish plucked from the waves by a fisherman in a traditional dhow wielding a colorful net; walk the narrow streets of colonial towns reclaimed by native Mozambicans; and bear witness to the traditions that have survived centuries of colonization.

Let the luxury travel consultants at Ker & Downey design a unique and custom journey for you that includes the delights of Mozambique. Due to its proximity to many other oft-visited countries in southern and eastern Africa, it is easy to combine a safari adventure with a number of idyllic days on one of Mozambique’s gorgeous private island resorts. Contact us to begin planning your own luxury travel to Mozambique.

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