Overlooking the small village of Taiohae and a picturesque bay rimmed by black sand beaches, the Keikahauni Pearl Lodge provides the ultimate in luxury on the island of Nuku Hiva. Surrounded by lush flowering plants and mere steps away from the bay, guests will receive nothing short of an idyllic, relaxing experience.

Property Details

Each of the 20 elevated bungalows at Keikahanui Pearl Lodge offers a spectacular view of the bay. These splendid retreats are nestled amidst a tropical garden and enhanced by local materials and the intricate carvings of local artisans, a different piece on display in each room. The beauty outside is easily captured from the comfortable seating on each suite’s private terrace.

Just 50 stair steps separate the main lodge from the black sand beaches below. Spend lazy afternoons soaking in the Infinity swimming pool overlooking the bay or lounging on the terrace adjacent to the restaurant and bar. Guests dine day and night in the breezy dining room and may also opt to enjoy their meals on the terrace.

Excursions led by native Marquesan guides will reveal the marvels of the ancient culture and the hidden beauty of the island. Hike, bike or ride through the island’s wilderness with a myriad of treasured flora and fauna to see. Visit Taiohae and the local grocer for unique look at everyday life, or head down to the bay, where divers can share the waters with manta rays and hammerhead sharks.

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