Buska Lodge in Omo Valley is the best place from which to experience the Omo people. Simple yet comfortable, this rustic, unpretentious eco-lodge is situated in the heart of the Omo Valley overlooking the plains of Buska Mountain and offers some of the best accommodation and meals in the region. Learn more about this boutique lodge in Ethiopia below.

Property Details

Buska Lodge in Omo Valley is built on an expansive compound feels more like a small village, with its 20 stand-alone forest green tukul blending in effortlessly with the surrounding African countryside. Inside, clean and charming rondavel rooms embody authentic Ethiopian charm and comfortable amenities, such as private en-suite bathrooms, mosquito-netted beds, and sunrise terraces. There are also 10 roofed island camping sites, equipped with six common kitchen and dining rooms and eight common shower facilities, for those who prefer camping.

Perhaps the most memorable feature of Buska Lodge is its greenery-lined pathways, home to more than 120 species of plants and teeming with birdlife. Take time amid the compound’s unique nature before visiting one of its two open-air restaurants. The cooks certainly stretch beyond the basic menu here with offerings such as Hungarian goulash, but the Ethiopian mainstays and extensive South African and Ethiopian wine list are by far the best highlight. In the evening, indulge in an Ethiopian coffee ceremony service then gather around the campfire for a barbecue and a special Evangadi dance performance by members of the resident Hamer community.

Buska Lodge is rare in its ability to offer a glimpse into the cultures and traditions of the Omo Valley, most notably the Hamer people. The area is home to not only the Hamer tribe, but also the Karo, Dassenech, Bume, and Benna communities, among others, all of which boast their own fascinating cultural traditions. Take, for example, the Hamer’s “bull jumping” ceremony, whereby a young bachelor jumps over a line of bulls in order to show that he is worthy of marrying. Guests lucky enough to witness this initiation speak to its awe-inspiring and haunting grandeur—a memory unique to this region and its beautiful people. Book this boutique lodge in Ethiopia today.

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