Wake up on top of the world at Simien Lodge in the Simien Mountains, the highest lodge in Africa. Between its dazzling 360-degree views within Simien National Park, Ethiopia and its warm, cozy beds, this beautiful accommodation is the perfect option for those who wish to experience the wilderness of the park without sacrificing the comfort.

Property Details

Simien Lodge in the Simien Mountains is situated side by side along the escarpment and has 22 luxury cottages mimic the traditional Ethiopian tukuls with their circular stone exteriors and grass-thatched roofs. Inside, spacious and airy pure white interiors feature amenities rare in this corner of the world, such as en-suite bathrooms with showers, fiberglass insulation, and solar under-floor heating for those chilly mountain nights. The lodge also provides special family rooms, which can accommodate up to four guests.

Take the lantern-illuminated path to the main cottage for all-day a la carte Ethiopian and European selections, as well as set international fare. The restaurant and bar area—the highest place to get a drink in all of Africa—is most notably anchored by its large log fire centerpiece, lit each night to warm the lively conversation. It is not uncommon for local guides and staff to break out into spontaneous song and dance here, a fun addition to the Simien ambiance.

Simien Mountains National Park is so illustrious in its scenery and wildlife that it was the second location in world to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, following Yellowstone National Park. By far the most spectacular mountain-scape in Africa, some of its cliffs drop vertically for over a mile, thus its nickname of Africa’s Grand Canyon. Given Simien Lodge’s unique location within the park, the lodge offers some of the best trekking opportunities, including the famous route to the peak of Mt. Dashen. No matter the direction, this region is a photographer’s paradise with its abundance of flora and fauna. The endemic gelada, or the bleeding-heart baboon, is the most sought-after sighting here, as the park is home to the species’ largest population, about 2,700 baboons total. It is a playground for leopard, hyena, jackal, Walia Ibex, Simien Wolf, and over 80 varieties of birds, including the tawny eagle. Indeed, some of the most satisfying moments at Simien Lodge can be spent simply sitting on the escarpment edge, looking out on the uninterrupted landscape as its resident wildlife move in and out of focus. Book your stay in the Simien National Park, Ethiopia with Ker & Downey.

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