Bale Mountain Lodge in Ethiopia signals a new chapter in Ethiopian ecotourism. Its considerate conservation practices and undeniable creature comforts, coupled with its unique access to Bale Mountain National Park’s unimaginable and wholly unique natural beauty and wildlife, make this eco-friendly, luxury Ethiopia lodge an exciting symbol of what is to come in enchanting Ethiopia.

Property Details

Bale Mountain Lodge in Ethiopia sets a new standard for eco-chic amenities in Ethiopia. This becomes inherently true within the property’s eight stone lodges, all of which feature a sophisticated palette of exposed rock, white walls, and unobtrusive accents of fuchsia and canary, a subtle nod to Ethiopia’s personality. Adding to the elevated ambiance of these stone cabins are the sustainable mahogany furnishings, cozy wood burning stoves, private terraces, and lovely views over the meadows and towering mountains overhead. What’s more, the entire facility runs off of the nearby river: an advanced micro-hydro system brings heat and power, and complex sand filtration and purification practices provide clean, running water.

The local slate-grey stone façade of the central lodge nestles inconspicuously into the surrounding hillside, coffee plantations, and houses an attached tukul dining room and sunken fireplace. Community dinners here are as lively as they are generous and delicious, with plenty of fresh salads, fruit, and vegetables on the menu from the resident chef, imported straight from London’s Savoy. They also afford guests the opportunity to get to know owner Guy and his wife Yvonne, as well as James, the resident naturalist and ornithologist, and their efforts to not only understand Bale Mountains’ endemic species, but also to save this biodiversity hotspot from encroachment through thoughtful ecotourism.

Bale Mountains Lodge is situated within the 1,367 square miles of Bale Mountains National Parks’ mountains, cloud forest, and plateaus. These various habitats and ecosystems are a playground for endemic wildlife, such as the rare Bale Monkey, a frequent visitor in and around the lodge site. Truly, every nature walk, hike, and guided excursion into the trees offers a chance to witness primates, uncommon cats, various resident birds, and unusual plants. Yet no trip to Bale Mountain National Park is complete without time on the Sanetti Plateau, a fascinating moonscape where 60-percent of the world’s remaining Ethiopian Wolves, the planet’s most rare canid, can be encountered. After a day exploring this fascinating environment, return back to the lodge for more relaxing moments with nature in the glass-bottom spa situated above the river or in the natural waterfall-fed plunge pool on the deck. Book this luxury Ethiopia lodge today.

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