While nearly every corner of the African continent has a signature safari and prize game sightings, Bale Mountains National Park in Ethiopia is in a class of its own. The 830 square-mile park is home to 20 species of mammals endemic to Ethiopia, five of which are only found within the park itself.

With five distinct habitats, the flora and fauna of the park is internally diverse as well as globally unique. The Gaysay Valley and the Northern Woodlands where the park headquarters are located are full of juniper trees and St. John’s wort, along with seas of wildflowers that grow prolifically. The Erica Moorlands, while populated with more familiar shrubbery, shows off the astounding fertility of the park with its impressive density.

The Sanetti Plateau, the largest formation at its high altitude on the entire continent, looks like blend of windswept tundra and equatorial plains. Lichen covered rocks and alpine lakes a streams do little to hide Ethiopian wolves and rare birds form onlookers.

If the Sanetti Plateau were not unusual enough, the Harenna Forest is even more other-worldly. While the wildlife is harder to spot among the giant trees and misty air, a walk through the forest feels like a journey into an untold fairytale, with mystery hanging from every branch.

On a private tour of Bale Mountains National Park with Ker & Downey, explorers and animal lovers have the rare chance to spot mammals and birds that live only as legends to most of the world. Those lucky enough to traverse Bale Mountains National Park will return with photos and memories shared by only a few outside the native peoples of Ethiopia.

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