Ker & Downey’s Journey to the Islands of the Mediterranean is the perfect way to experience the beauty of island-hopping. Over the course of 12 nights, uncover the cultural treasures and natural wonders of three of the Mediterranean’s most enigmatic islands: Sardinia, Sicily, and Malta.

Suggested journey at a glance: 13 days/12 nights in Sardinia, Sicily, and Malta

This suggestion is just one of many ways to see the Islands of the Mediterranean on your own customized Ker & Downey itinerary. Our designers are at their best when crafting a journey unique to you; contact us to get started planning, and read on to see one example of what’s possible.


Your exploration of the Islands of the Mediterranean begins first in Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean and a haven with some of the most beautiful turquoise waters in the world. You will have every opportunity to explore these waters from your sun-soaked and celebrity-studded hideaway at Cala di Volpe. Your four days on the island are highlighted by a private sailing expedition through the secluded paradises of Sardinia’s northern coast, a traditional pasta making class with locals, and an adventure into the stalactite spectacles of Neptune’s Cave in Alghero.

Islands of the Mediterranean - Custom Travel to Sardinia, Sicily, Malta - Ker & Downey-Sardinia


Next, jet off to Sicily for a taste of the good life on the Mediterranean’s largest island. Your home base is San Domenico Palace, which affords unbelievable luxury in a converted Dominican monastery and unparalleled views over Mount Etna and Taormina Bay. In the company of a private guide, explore the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine roots of Taormina and discover why this city has long been considered the Pearl of the Ionian Sea. You will have plenty of time to soak in the unique atmosphere of the surrounding streets, squares, and monuments, but the cornerstones of your stay will most certainly be a full-day Etna gastronomic tour with a visit to Bronte—the birthplace of the pistachio—as well as special dinner in a private palace in Catania.

Islands of the Mediterranean - Custom Travel to Sardinia, Sicily, Malta - Ker & Downey-Sicily


The finale of Ker & Downey’s Islands of the Mediterranean journey is Malta. Here you will find the highest density of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world and 7,000 years of intriguing history alongside superbly sunny weather and attractive beaches.

Within the majestic walls of Valletta, uncover over 320 monuments, as well as gorgeous harbor views, and a lively culture on constant display. A private after-hours visit to St. John’s Co-Cathedral, an exploration of the pre-historic Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples, and a tour of Rabat and Mdina provide historical context to the island. A homecooked meal with a welcoming family, a private meeting with a renowned Maltese clock artisan, and a bocci game with locals reveal the rich cultural heritage.

Islands of the Mediterranean - Custom Travel to Sardinia, Sicily, Malta - Ker & Downey-Malta

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