Dubai is a modern city rising above the cool, blue waters of the Persian Gulf. Its bustling international atmosphere offers the best of both a civilized, affluent society and the timeless heritage of the Arabian sands. The natural Dubai Creek divides the city into two regions along a 9.5 mile inlet in the Persian Gulf, where the city’s trade developed.

There is plenty to do in Dubai, including a fascinating look at the City of Gold, the Burj Al Arab hotel, or the skyscraper area of Sheikh Zayed Road, known as “Little Manhattan”.  Dubai has also been called the “shopping capital of the Middle East.” The city draws large numbers of shopping tourists from all over the world to its renown souk districts. Souk is the Arabic word for market or place where any kind of goods are brought or exchanged. Traditionally, dhows from the Far East, China, Sri Lanka and India would discharge their cargoes and the goods would be bargained over in the souks adjacent to the docks. Dubai’s most atmospheric shopping is to be found in the souks, located on either side of the creek, where bargaining is part of the buzz.

And no trip to the Arab lands would be complete without a foray into the desert. Let Ker & Downey take you on a Dubai luxury travel excursion through the dunes via four-wheel-drive vehicles, complete with a relaxing desert sundown dinner to finish the adventure. Since cloud and rainfall are infrequent, you can be sure to enjoy unhindered views of the spectacular sunset with no ambient light to diminish the awe of creation. Discover our Dubai vacation packages today!