Nearly 250 miles of beaches are a popular year-round destination with the city’s sunny, arid climate. A blend of ethnicities and religions makes Abu Dhabi a unique metropolis in the modern Arab world. The area plays host to several annual culinary and cultural festivals and sporting events including an international triathlon and the Red Bull Air Race. Amidst the glitz of the city that has sprouted out of the sand in the last 50 years lies a history dating to Biblical times. A short drive to the mainland offers opportunities for desert sports and exploration.

Liwa Oasis

Abu Dhabi makes an excellent hub for visiting the Liwa Oasis, about two and a half hours south of the city. The oasis sits on the edge of the Empty Quarter, the world’s largest expanse of sand at 255,000 square miles. The desert’s sand dunes and salt flats cross the borders of Sa A blend of ethnicities and religions makes Abu Dhabi a unique metropolis in the modern Arab world. udi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. The Liwa Oasis is home to the five-star Anantara resort, Qasr Al Sarab. Discover one of the world’s least explored areas Bedouin-style form the back of a camel or go dune bashing in an off-road desert vehicle. Additionally, the Liwa Oasis is the only place in the country where you can experience ancient Emirati culture.

Al Ain

On the other end of the spectrum, Al Ain is an oasis of palm trees and blue waters. You won’t find tall skyscrapers here. Known as the ‘Garden City,’ Al Ain is another easily accessible area to explore from Abu Dhabi. Located just an hour and 45 minutes from the city, Al Ain is a quiet retreat from the city.  The city has an 8,000-year history and is considered to be one of the world’s oldest inhabited settlements. In 2011 it was named a UNESCO World-Heritage Site, the first in the UAE recognized by UNESCO.

Yas Island in Abu Dhabi

Yas Island is one of the top tourism projects in Abu Dhabi and is packed with family-friendly adventures. The entertainment hub is home to an F1™ race track, a links golf course, a beautiful beach, marina, and several theme parks. Ferrari World includes Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest rollercoaster which can reach speeds of 149 miles per hour. At Clymb Abu Dhabi, you’ll find the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall.