The Zandiyeh Hotel is a seven-story hotel in the heart of Shiraz, a historical area with colorful markets and glittering mosques. The property was inspired by the architecture of Shiraz and fits beautifully on the bustling street where it is located.

Property Details

Guests are greeted in the Zandiyeh Hotel lobby with warm Persian hospitality and a refreshing herbal juice. Choose from a Double or Twin room or a spacious Luxury Suite. The Zandiyeh Suite has a balcony with flowers and plants and offers views of the Darvazeh Quran, the Holy Quran Gate, and the Karim Khan Citadel. Fruit, flowers, cakes, and sweets welcome guests in the Honeymoon Suite.

Internet access is available in the lobby, where you can also sip a warm cup of coffee or tea and look around in the shop. The Zandiyeh Hotel has an Iranian bath, which was traditionally the space to not only get cleaned up, but also to socialize about the events of the day. Unwind with a traditional Persian spa treatment in this space that showcases the architecture of the country.

Try Persian dishes like Ghormeh Sabzi, a green herb stew, at the Negarestan Traditional Restaurant. Relax on wood-carved chairs with plush turquoise cushions as you listen to live music and admire the surrounding cultural wall paintings.

Over 200 years ago the Zand Dynasty chose Shiraz as its capital and there are remnants of its reign sprinkled throughout the city. The museum of the Zand Royal Palace is nearby and many historic mosques with blue minarets and domes, dazzling floral mosaics, and numerous archways invite visitors to come in and absorb the tranquility of these houses of worship. Bargain for colorful carpets and crafts and inhale the heady scent of spices at the Vakil Bazaar, which extends from north to south of the city. Take a walk through one of the many parks, including the 11th-century Eram Garden which UNESCO named on its heritage sites list. It is the home of a myriad of plants, flowers, and trees and is part of the Botanical Garden of Shiraz University.

The Zandiyeh Hotel’s terrace also houses orange trees, providing the perfect resting spot for a cup of pomegranate juice, tea, or rose-water infused ice cream, after a day of exploring this historic Persian city.

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