For centuries, newcomers have been struck by the romance of Udaipur, India luxury travel. Amid a setting of lakes and luscious palaces, you’ll find many of the Indian dreamscapes you’ve seen in the cinema or perhaps in your own imagination. As the city has grown, much of that atmospheric romance has been crowded by traffic, high-rises, and opportunism. Ker & Downey works with savvy local guides who can transport you to the old Udaipur, where romance still glitters on every lake and glows from every palace window.

From its beginnings, Udaipur has been a monument to the artistry and imaginations of men. Its manmade lakes, palaces, and beautifully cultivated gardens were designed to convey power and prestige for the new capital of the Mewar kingdom in the year 1553. Throughout time, Udaipur has stood out among Indian cities for its preservation of traditions and festivals.

Because of its small size, Udaipur’s local culture is in many ways more accessible than other, more sprawling cities. The local people often dress in bright colors, and their festivals are lively and inclusive, with lots of folk dancing and music to celebrate everything from the birthdays and marriages of Hindu deities to the changing of the seasons.

The City Palace of Udaipur is more accurately a series of palaces built at different times over several centuries. Since 1559 various rulers have constructed their own original dwellings, with the final result being a complex of fascinating architecture and history that has kept the royal family in business, even after the rise of democracy in India.

The royal family of Udaipur has been protected by treaty, and remains involved in civic and commercial business in the region. Their fingerprints are still evident around the city, preserving much of the city’s dignity and panache, as it strives to retain its authenticity. Contact your Ker & Downey consultant today to experience the romance of an Udaipur vacation as part of your India journey.