Just off the banks of the Ganges River in the oldest living city in the world sits the timeless and historically-rich Nadesar Palace. Famous for hosting everyone from royalties to celebrities, such as the Prince and Princess of Wales and His Holiness Dalai Lama, the Palace is truly a special place surrounded by glorious gardens, mango orchards and jasmine fields.

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The name of Nadesar Palace originates from the Goddess Nadesari, whose shrine sits majestically at the entrance of the Palace. The exact date of conception is still unknown, but the rich stories dating back to 1799 tell tales of bravery and chivalry making the Palace a unique stay in Varanasi. In the nineteenth century, Nadesar Palace was restored then taken over by Maharaja Prabhu Narain Singh from 1889-1931. Boasting 10 premier suites with walls classically decorated with art from the Maharaja’s collection and décor that resembles the colors of lotuses offered to the holy Ganges. Each suite is named after celebrities who have been a guest to the Maharaja and exude the beauty and tradition of India with spectacular views of the Palace grounds.

Guests of Nadesar Palace are delighted to find amazing service and food at the Palace. Enjoy meals on the picturesque verandah, be treated like royalty in the glamorous dining room, or relax and enjoy the outdoors dining by the pool. Guests are encouraged to utilize the Nadesar Palace butlers who can help make staying in Varanasi supremely luxurious. From recommending meals to planning a day full of activities, the knowledgeable and service-oriented butlers will make spending time at Nadesar Palace a pleasant and smooth experience.

With many activities to choose from, including a 4 hole golf course and guided tours, travelers to Nadesar Palace can fill their days with rich Indian experiences. For a truly unique experience, go for a ride around the immaculate grounds in the Royal Buggy, a horse driven buggy once used by the Maharaja himself. For those looking to relax or explore their spiritual side, the Jiva Spa is available inside Nadesar Palace. Be sure to try the signature treatment, Abhisheka, which is inspired by Indian purifying rituals. Yoga, which was born in India, is also offered as a private session or in a group class. Many memorable excursions are available including visiting the stunning Chunar Fort, taking a boat ride on the Ganges, and viewing the beautiful silks in the Benares Weaver Village.

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