Ultimate Travelling Camp is the unequaled leader in bringing luxury camping to the far reaches of India. By extending modern comfort and classical camping atmosphere to India’s most exotic locales, the brand has become synonymous with exclusivity, not only of comfort and service, but also in pioneering spirit and rare access.

Property Details

Kotwara Camp is located in the gardens of Anhalwara Palace, making the most of an elegant setting reminiscent of the old royal camps. It sits on ancient mounds among fragrant red roses and overlooks an oxbow lake. While there, you are the guests of painter and filmmaker Raja Syed Muzaffar Ali.

The beautiful tents of Kotwara Camp are equipped for India’s climate and landscape with air conditioning, beautiful linens, and private decks. You will have a butler at your disposal should any needs arise. You will not want for anything, making your canvas walls all the more charming.

The camp blends the cultural traditions of India in its design and its cuisine. The blend of regional and royal tells a story of colonial empires and strong indigenous identities that have made India the fascinating place that it is today. Whether you are picnicking among the trees or enjoying high tea by the lake and dinner in the rose garden of the Palace by candlelight, you will taste India in every bite. Cuisine at Kotwara Camp blends traditional Awadhi and regional dishes and focuses on recipes that were born out of the royal kitchens of Kotwara.

While at Kotwara Camp, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the craft center on the palace grounds where some of the finest craftspeople are employed. See the art of dhurrie weaving, shoe making, and beautiful embroidery. Nearby you can visit the 400-year-old temple in Oel, built in 1780, bicycling by the lake, and a walking tour of Kotwara.

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