Ultimate Travelling Camp is the unequalled leader in bringing luxury camping to the far reaches of India. By extending modern comfort and classical camping atmosphere to India’s most exotic locales, the brand has become synonymous with exclusivity, not only of comfort and service, but also in pioneering spirit and rare access. With Kohima Camp, they set out for the heart of the jungle for an experience rich in adventure and wildlife. Explore the jungles of India and participate in cultural ceremonies at Nagaland’s premier tented camp.

Property Details

The khaki tents of Kohima Camp are set on the mountain, with each decorated in soft desert colors with colonial furniture, warm duvets, and valets at your service during your stay. Private decks are the perfect place to sit and stargaze in the evenings and ensuite bathrooms with hot showers and teak wood wardrobes remind you that this is luxury camping at its finest.

You’ll enjoy indigenous cuisine of the surrounding tribes, particularly the Angami Tribe. Like the rest of the tribes in the region, the Angami were historically warring people. Their conquest and conversion to Christianity led to a more peaceful existence, and not the tribe plays host to visitors in the jungle.

Kohima Camp is located in the “Land of the Nagas,” sixteen Naga tribes known as the last headhunters, and coincides with the Hornbill Festival each year. The seven-day festival showcases the unique cultures of the region with local foods, rice beer, handmade items, performances, and games. While at Kohima Camp, you’ll have an opportunity to experience the festival and explore the area villages.

Ker & Downey has been a leader in safari travel for decades, we takes this expertise to India, in choosing the most selective and responsible camps to work with our clients. Expect engaging and professional guides, delicious food, and comfort comparable to your favorite hotels. Above all, expect adventure in the jungle, as Ker & Downey and Kohima Camp take you to places many eyes may never see.

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