While the architecture and food of India tends to steal most of the glory for modern travelers, India’s wildlife is a world wonder in its own right, and the protected National Parks of India are the best places to see it all unfold. Many of its species are cousins to the Africa’s Big Five, and India has made a large effort to preserve lands for the largest and most threatened species. 

Safari is Ker & Downey’s original specialty, and we take that expertise with us into India, partnering with the most seasoned trackers and conscientious outfitters who respect the animals and their proper boundaries with humans during each India luxury safari.

For those seeking the elusive and majestic Bengal tiger, Bandhavgarh offers the best chance of seeing one in the wild. The wilds of this Madhya Pradesh region are the setting of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book,” where little Mowgli lives among the “sher” (tiger) and “bhalu” (bear). Experts recommend spending two days in this remote patch of Central India, as the park is hard to reach, though many guests see at least one tiger on the first day. Ranthambore and Tadoba are other parks with frequent tiger spotting.

In the Northeast, Kaziranga National Park is home to the world’s largest population of one-horned rhinos. Here you can also see Indian elephants and a plethora of bird life.

To see more elephants, the banks of the Nagarhole River in Nargarhole National Park are a popular spot for the pachyderms. This stretch of the river is unspoiled and beautiful. A jeep or trekking safari can take you throughout the park where the forests and streams create a serene wilderness that feels worlds away from the metropolises of India.

Talk to your Ker & Downey consultants about the wildlife that most interests you. Whatever you wish to see, our experts can create an India luxury safari that includes the National Parks of India and gets you as close as you want to be with the flora and fauna of India.