Built at the site of a grand arboretum, the Spice Village Resort blends the tranquility of a rural mountain village with the convenience of a modern resort. Surround yourself with the scents of the nearby spice farms and the majesty of the misty mountains in this secluded forest retreat.

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Known for his passion for nature and his incredible green thumb, A.W. Woods made this site his home in the 1930s at the behest of the British Raj. It is here that he cultivated a plethora of beauty amidst long-standing forests of teak. Trumpet flowers, honeysuckle, and pepper vines cascade down the slopes, while thick stands of bamboo, teak and fruit trees mask the free-standing abodes that dot the lush grounds at the Spice Village Resort.

Spice Village houses 52 individual thatched-roof dwellings, crafted in tribal-style with the utmost of care taken for the surrounding natural landscape. Brick, wood, stone and elephant grass have been mingled to create authentic and eco-friendly accommodations. Step out onto the tranquil veranda of each cottage to take in the sights of the forest. Standard Villas feature a private garden, while Deluxe Villas enjoy a more secluded scene, surrounded by thick fruit trees and herb groves. All cottages come complete with separate living rooms, modern en-suite facilities, solar-heated running water and understated contemporary furnishings.

Guests enjoy the cool mountain climate instead of air conditioning and prefer the twitter of the forest denizens to the buzz of a television. The lodge’s expert naturalists will guide you on a tour of the area, pointing out the many species of pigeon, darter, quail, flycatcher, and owl who call the forest home. Trek beyond the lodge to visit spice and rubber farms in the area, or simply stay and enjoy an Ayurvedic massage in the quaint wellness center.

Meals at Spice Village Resort are an artful blend of Kerala classics and international fare, enjoyed al fresco on the sizable veranda or inside the Tiffin Room amidst 100-year-old furnishings. Sip a cocktail in Wood’s former home, now the Woodhouse Bar, and let the sounds and sights of the jungle wash over you.

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